Anneke de Jager is an Occupational Therapist who currently practices in Linden, Randburg.

In 2008, she graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at the University of Pretoria. Anneke completed the Ayres Sensory Integration course and the Wilbarger Brushing protocol.

Anneke de Jager is a specialist practitioner in literacy and dyslexia, and is accredited by the British Dyslexia Association.

She is also specially trained in understanding sensory modulation disorder, and how to treat especially tactile and oral sensitivities in children.

Furthermore, she understands how these difficulties influence a child’s performance academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Anneke completed her community service at 1 Military Hospital. In 2011, her love for paediatric occupational therapy grew when she started working with children in private practice.

She has worked in several private practices alongside several other therapists and teachers. Anneke has also completed a variety of other courses which include literacy and dyslexia.

She treats a wide variety of conditions in children, including developmental delays, sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, downs syndrome, mental retardation, ADHD, ADD, sensory defensiveness, hyperlexia and dyslexia.

Anneke has experience observing children in their school setting and having meetings with teachers and other stakeholders regarding the child’s progress and recommendations for the future.

In 2014, she opened Anneke de Jager Occupational Therapy and in 2017 she took over the occupational therapy practice at Fontainebleau Laerskool and Fonties Pre-primer. Anneke works as part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes speech therapists, optometrists, physiotherapists and play therapists.

When Anneke is not at her practice, she’s involved in providing training and workshops to caregivers that work with special needs children.